Reflexology Ross Shire

Reflexology services for Ross & Cromarty covering Inverness, the Black Isle, and towns such as Alness, Invergordon, Evanton, Beauly, Muir of Ord, Dingwall, Brora, Ardgay, Bonar Bridge and Tain.



telephone: 01349 853 703    mobile: 07879 237 511   



Hi, my name is Gill Wah (pronounced 'Wore') and I have been a Reflexologist in the Ross-shire area for more than 15 years. I serve the area of Easter Ross that includes the small towns of Invergordon, Alness and Evanton mainly although, through word of mouth recommendation, I have also had people come for Reflexology from Inverness, Beauly, Muir of Ord and Dingwall as well as northern areas such as Brora, Ardgay, Bonar Bridge and Tain.


I was first introduced to Reflexology treatments when my daughter had become deaf due to 'Glue Ear', and I was not inclined to let her have invasive surgery if there was an alternative, and a local therapist helped her so much that she had regained her hearing within the week. After that I was hooked, and I had a long-standing back and neck problem treated, and of course now I can hardly remember what it was like to suffer from such things. So as a result of this, I trained with the teaching body of the British Reflexology Association, the Bayly's School, and the rest is history.


I now treat a great many different ailments from migraine headaches, back pain, heart and circulatory problems, asthma, irritable bowel, fertility problems, the list is endless!! We work to restore the balance of a person's energy system and so if there is anything wrong, it should right itself, with treatment.


For people with mobility problems, as long as they live within a 10 mile radius, I will visit them in their home, otherwise my practice is at my home where I have a comfortable therapy room, and a dentist's chair which serves as my massage bench. However,since I work mostly on a person's feet, I have a great advantage over other therapists as all you have to remove are your shoes and socks! The therapy itself is most relaxing, and is a fantastic stress buster.


I stay at the back of Invergordon, on the back road to Tain, and anyone wishing to contact me can either phone me, text me, or e-mail me (details at the top).


Gill Wah, Rosebank Cottage, Newmore, Invergordon, IV18 0LQ


Registered Member of
The British Reflexology Association



Gill Wah, professionally qualified reflexologist at work

Reflexologist at work

Gill Wah giving a client a reflexology treatment

Giving a client a reflexology treatment



Reflexology treatment room - Rosebank Cottage near Invergordon, Alness and Tain

Rosebank Cottage in the winter. The Reflexology treatment room is here.